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The Circle Of Life Memorial Reef

An Ecologically Designed Memorial in a Marine Life Protected Location

The Objectives

The name Circle of Life Memorial Reef was chosen to symbolize the concept of eternal life and the continuous cycle of nature. In this way, the memorial reef is a reminder of the interconnectedness of all things and the importance of preserving our environment for future generations. It is a way to honor the memory of loved ones while also contributing to the health of our oceans. The Circle of Life Memorial Reef is a testament to the power of human ingenuity and compassion and serves as a beacon of hope for a more sustainable future.

The Circle of Life Memorial Reef brings this symbolism to life by providing an eternal resting place for loved ones in the form of a vibrant and thriving marine habitat. This artificial reef contributes to the cycle of life by creating a home for a variety of ocean creatures, supporting the ecosystem, and promoting biodiversity.

The objective of the Circle Of Life Memorial Reef is to create a true Ecologically Designed Memorial Reef. That reef, one that mimics a natural reef, can only develop where a habitat exists that provides marine life of all forms a place to hide. There is security in the Circle Of Life.

The Circle Of Life Memorial Reef is an ecological masterpiece that provides a living environment for friends and family who have passed away. Earthly remains placed within the reef are “Resting In Peace” surrounded by an ever-changing landscape.

The environmental design will create an immense aquarium-like atmosphere without glass. The ocean creatures will find the perfect environment to thrive and flourish because of the variety of habitats.

There will come a time when you need a place for “Resting In Peace.” It happens to all of us and The Circle Of Life will be a brilliant choice. Plan and be ready to share an exciting answer when people ask if you have a plan.

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The Circle Of Life Memorial Reef




COMING May 2024