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Who Created It?

The Celebration Reef is a project by Reef Builders International. The concept of the multi-person underwater memorial reef was created by Gary Levine. Gary’s background included a lot of boats, and his marine construction company, Hurricane Harbor Marina. He was also involved in the BP Horizon oil spill recovery.

Along with sculptor Kim Brandell and designer Joey Burns, this team perfected and deployed the first major underwater multi-person memorial reef. Permitted as The Atlantis Reef Project, it is now called Neptune Reef. Lessons learned from Neptune inspired the ecologically designed foundation of the Circle Of Life Memorial Reef. 

What Is It?

The Circle Of Life Memorial Reef is a unique place for Remembrance, Recognition, and Respect to complete a life Resting In Peace. The reef will grow and strengthen, as will the memories and legacies of those we honor within.

The ocean is a place of beauty where adventure, boating, diving, fishing, surfing, skiing, snorkeling, swimming, and more, all take place. We are excited to share it with you, in life and beyond, at the Circle Of Life Memorial Reef.

The Circle Of Life is a place to commemorate the life of a special person and contribute to the ocean’s ecosystem at the same time. 

Where Is It?

It is In the Key Biscayne Special Management Zone, supervised carefully by the Department of Environmental Resources Management. The Celebration Reef Project is in a Marine Protected Area. It is a No-Take Zone where marine life is protected. Fishing or taking resources from this area is prohibited.   

The Celebration Reef project is just over three miles due east of Key Biscayne, Florida,

Despite its marine-protected status, the reef deployment site is still available for recreational uses and can be enjoyed by friends and family, divers, snorkelers, and boaters. 

The Gulf Stream, called the Florida Gulf Stream, and TradeWinds exist offshore of Key Biscayne. The warm blue waters flow out of the Gulf of Mexico, hugging the east coast of Florida. The Florida Gulf Stream carries a variety of marine life with it.

TradeWinds are a magnificent force that can carry ships and steer storms. TradeWinds also guide ocean currents.

When Is It?

After two years of design and research, the final product is ready. The schedule will meet the conditions of the Department Of Resources Management and the Army Corps of Engineers. Our goal is to be in the water for the 2024 dive season.

The first deployment is scheduled for summer diving, in May 2024.

Why Is It Better?

Not that long ago, the oceans were healthy, colorful, vibrant, and teeming with creatures and organisms that live all over and around our coral reefs.

What we learned from our first reef was that something was missing and that something was HABITAT. The ecological design of the Circle Of Life and our use of limestone boulders is a game changer. We will create habitats that will speed up marine development and increase biodiversity. Limestone boulders are simply the best artificial reef material available. The habitat design also protects endangered species and improves biodiversity with the goal of sustainability.

Every aspect of our design and construction process is eco-friendly and socially responsible. We believe that working towards sustainability and protecting our ocean environment is everyone’s responsibility.

It’s a great story to tell if you have important decisions you made about your choices. It is also nice to know where you will be “Resting In Peace”

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