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Pre-Deployment Pricing

When a new project is announced, it can be an exciting time for people to find Pre-purchase opportunities. Some people hesitate to buy in pre-purchase, or in our case, Pre-Deployment savings.

There are several rewards to share with you, the most significant of which is Pre-Deployment pricing.

What is deployment? In our case, it is the day materials are delivered and assembly begins underwater at the project site. That’s the day you wait for the words to  “let-er-go, divers down” as the new reef is set on the ocean floor.

Pre-deployment is a phase when project principals offer memorial placements and locations for a reduced price. This occurs before deployment and at the beginning of assembly. During this time, they encourage buyers to reserve placements by offering quality pre-deployment discounts. The prices are significantly lower than those offered once the project has completed units available for sale.

The most significant advantage of buying pre-deployment is that you can get more benefits for your dollar. Once a project is underway the prices can go up significantly. We are thinking the same way. This is the reasoning behind a twenty-five percent Pre-Deployment incentive.

Another significant advantage of pre-deployment investments is the opportunity to customize the memorial to your preferences. Pre-deployment buyers have more flexibility in choosing the type of memorial and location in the project. Additionally, customizing your location early allows you to add more value to your investment, due to availability. 

In our pre-deployment program, clients can pay a small fee to reserve a special location and memorial type. Any reservation deposit is fully refundable from that account for ninety days after the reservation. If a refund is requested, 100% of the reservation is refundable.